AI and ART

My 0.5đ on art and A.I. (and nature):

Maybe AI will one day create images that are more dazzling than what a human being can do.

Big deal. Art is not a competetion to create the “best image” (whatever that may be).

No image I’ve seen in a museum comes close to the visual magic of an actual sunset over the ocean either. When I’m standing on a beach or in a rainy forrest I’m touched and humbled and inspired. But I know that nature didn’t struggle to create the scene, and I’m rather confident that it doesn’t care about me sitting on some rock gazing at it.

Art on the other hand, is about human interaction for me. I know a human being thought and hustled, explored and revised— or maybe just had a lucky moment . Any emotion I might have looking at an artwork, is somehow linked to that process. It’s a conversation about what the world does with us, about beauty, and fear and mortality and joy.

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